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Branding & Strategy

The following is a collection of some of my most recent work I created for companies like Viacom Catalyst - Viacom's internal creative agency - and adtech company Insticator.

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Viacom Experience Room

In order to encourage people to visit The Experience Room – Viacom’s developing tech laboratory – we at Viacom Catalyst presented several concepts for The Experience Room’s marketing campaign.

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Viacom Catalyst Generic Ads

Part of Viacom Catalyst’s responsibility is to concept ads for various organizations that Viacom is involved with internally and externally. During my time at Viacom Catalyst, I created these what are known as ‘generic ads’ for Catalyst to use when we get a rushed ad project. They are designed to be applicable to most content buckets.


Viacom Catalyst Instagram Strategy

To present the new design system that Viacom Catalyst will be using, the other interns and I came up with an Instagram posting strategy promoting the new system that includes both creative and copy for the Viacom Catalyst Instagram team. This project will be implemented early Summer 2018.


Viacom Upfronts

The Viacom Mix Inspired Cocktails are a series of cocktails that Viacom Catalyst came up with for the 2018 Viacom Upfronts.

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Press Pause NYC

The Press Pauses are intended to show Viacom employees in both NYC and LA cultural events happening in their areas. These are displayed on the lobby screens in the NYC and LA offices.

2562944_Lawyers Alliance for NY Gala 2018.jpeg

Lawyers Alliance Gala Ad

This ad was used to showcase Viacom’s Law Department support of the Lawyers Alliance of New York at their 2018 Gala.

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Insticator One Sheet

This one sheet is distributed to prospective clients who are interested in Insticator’s services.


Insticator & Evolve Media Case Study

This case study outlines the benefits Evolve Media received from Insticator’s services.


Insticator Marketing Postcard

This marketing postcard is distributed to prospective clients, potential partners and others while the Insticator Sales Team went to conferences.

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