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During my time at Insticator, I managed the company's blog that was dedicated to topics about adtech, technology, media and more. Below are the pieces I'm most proud of. To read more of my work for Insticator, please visit

The Sneaky Smoke and Mirrors of Ad Fraud

Real bad news, guys. Did you know that online ad fraud will cost brands about $16.4 billion this year? Yikes. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money to flush down the drain. . . 

Ad Fraud.png

How to Dominate the Web with Video Advertising

You know what’s one of the most bold-faced lies people tell themselves? That ads don’t affect them or their purchase intent.

Video Advertising.png

3 Ways to Wake Your Audience Up from Ad Fatigue

You’re a brand marketer and your team comes up with an amazing display ad campaign. The copy, the design, everything is great. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. You execute the campaign with mastery and it shows. Engagements and click-through-rates are through the roof!

Ad Fatigue.png

4 Tips to Make B2B Influencer Marketing Work For Your Business

Take a scroll through Snapchat and Instagram and I guarantee you will see someone with tons of followers and a level of expertise in a specific field promoting some product or service. That’s influencer marketing, a form of marketing that utilizes people with authority in a specific space to spread your brand’s message to a larger market. Instead of directly marketing to a person, influencers spread the word for your brand.

Influencer Marketing.png

4 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Executive Branding

Despite the importance of executive branding, many C-level executives are hesitant to embrace the idea citing that there’s no need. But for those who are onboard, they should keep the following points in mind in order to successfully brand their executive reputation.

Executive Branding.png

3 Tips on How to Automate Your Marketing

When you’re working for a startup, it can feel like you’re juggling a million different yet necessary tasks – especially in marketing. Before you know it, things start to get overwhelming and things begin to slip through the cracks. In order to lighten your juggling load, marketers should consider marketing automation.

Automate Marketing.png
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